For Working with Children and Vulnerable Adults


  1. Accepts the prime duty of care placed upon the Parish Priest and Parochial Church Council (PCC) to ensure the well-being of children and vulnerable adults in the church community.
  2. Adopts and implements this child protection policy and procedures, based on the Diocesan Safeguarding policy and the House of Bishops ‘Protecting all God’s Children’
  3. Will appoint a co-ordinator(s) to work with the Parish Priest and the PCC to implement policy and procedures. The co-ordinator(s) must ensure that any concerns are dealt with according to the Diocesan policy and legislative requirements.

The PCC has appointed Sarah Vinson to be the Safeguarding Coordinator(s). They share the responsibility for safeguarding in the Parish with the Parish Priest.

The PCC recognizes the following areas of work with children and vulnerable adults:

The PCC has authorized the following people to work with children and vulnerable adults in the church:

Bell ringing: Richard Hicks

DCC and PCC Treasurer:

Choir: Robin Stubbs, Bernard Pink

Servers: Arthur Wills, Sue Barriball, Catherine Striplin, Pat Penno, Pam Parnell, Alice Horn, Don Sharpe, Rob Tremain, Graham Wormald, Heather Letts, Helen Davies, Rob Tremaine, Rosemary Russell, Brenda Mitchell, Llewelyn Lancaster, Clive Vinson, Roger Jones, James Wonnacott, Johnny Mann, Peter Jones, Gloria Laseby, Eve Gabriel, Pauline Duke, Brian Laseby

Memory Friendly Service: Revd Alison Hardy, Gloria Laseby, LWL and LPM’s

Open the book: Jennifer Edwards, Susan Tierney, Patricia Tremain, Andrew Dunning, Gillian Jones, Peter Jones, Gloria Laseby, Patricia Mogford,** Sheila Warren,** Pauline Darby, Mary Elliott, **(Methodist DBS through C of E, not currently active members)

Messy Church: Pauline Duke, Gloria Laseby, Naomi Sparey, Sue Tierney, Revd Alison Hardy, Esther Pinder**

Family Fun Night: Terry Jones, Mavis Jones ** Sarah Vinson, Charlie Reynolds

Kids Cafe Sue Tierney, Esther Pinder**, Don Sharpe

Food for Thought Café Sarah Vinson, Helen Davies, Revd Alison Hardy, Don Sharpe, Rosemary Russell, Yann

Local Pastoral Ministers Susan Barriball, Rosemary Russell, Sarah Vinson

Local Worship Leaders Rosemary Russell, Gloria Laseby, Arthur Wills, Rob Tremain, Don Sharpe, Andy Dunning

Ordinand Helen Davies, Jess Lancaster

Churchwardens Graham Wormald, Brenda Mitchell, Pam Parnell, Susan Barriball, Clive Vinson, James Wonnacott

Reader James Wonnacott

Reader in training

The PCC will:

The above has been discussed and implemented by the PCC.